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water_lovers's Journal

Water lovers of the world unite!

Water Lovers
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People that love Water
Welcome to water_lovers

water_lovers is simply a community for people to share their love of water

Are you someone that loves to be in water? Are you someone that loves to do activities that involve water? Are you someone that's fascinated by water? Are you someone that likes to watch the water, whether if it's rain or waves crashing against a shore? Are you someone that likes to watch animals swim? Are you someone that likes to drink water? If you said yes to any of these questions, water_lovers is for you!

The rules are simple:
-Play nicely. If you act up, you will be warned once to knock it off. If you don't heed warning, you'll be banned.
-Don't troll personal journals of members and other communities. You will be banned without warning
-Do not delete comments repeatedly unless it's for a spelling or grammar error.
-Do not disabled comments. You can do that all you want on your personal journal, but not here.
-Put long posts behind an LJ cut.
-Anonymous posting has been disabled. Only registered users can post here.
-No drama from other communities, sites, and other people's journals. It's not our concern. If you have a problem with an individual or a community, take it up with them...*not us*.
-No spamming, especially if the community or site has nothing to do with our community.
-Stay on topic. You can discuss anything you want to, as long as it has something to do with water.

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water_lovers has been created by lynn82md