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The Community's Future

So, here's the thing...when I created this community in 2012, I didn't have any children. Then, in 2013 and 2014, I had my two children. For those of you with kids, you know how exhausted you can be after a day of taking care of a child. Or in my case as of others, taking care of children. Most of the time, I don't feel like coming onto LJ even though I don't have any intention of deleting my journal because LJ is a safe haven for me when it comes to my rants and raves. However, this community isn't active unless I'm posting on it. The majority of the members aren't even active. I will put it to those of you that are regarding this community's future.

By next Friday, I would like to know from those of you that are still active if A) I should delete this community because there seems to be a lack of interest in it and I don't have the time anymore to maintain it (I'm lucky if I can post once a week now on my own journal) or B) if one of you all want to become the new maintainer Or owner of this community. Only condition I asked is if you keep it in the profile info that I created this community. I know the decision is ultimately up to me as I'm the owner and maintainer of the community, but I want to get the opinions of the members first before doing anything.
A healthy teenager is dead within days and officials say it’s all because of a rare brain-eating amoeba she likely contracted swimming in Cecil County creeks.

While very rare, that amoeba can travel through the nose into a person’s brain, nearly always causing death.

19-year-old Kerry Stoutenburgh was visiting family in Cecil County where she went swimming in multiple freshwater creeks.

Doctors say after the teen returned home, she starting having headaches. Within days a brain-eating amoeba had killed her.

Cecil county health officials say the amoebas live in fresh warm water, but cases like this are rare.

If people get contaminated water up their nose can in rare circumstances lead to a meningitis encephylitis one of several brain-eating amoeba cases reported nationwide this year.

What I don't like about this article is that they make it so vague. It's not the water itself. I read an article like this (and I think the death happened some where in the Carolinas) years ago and I remembered being concerned because I did swim in warm fresh water at the time when I visited my grandparents in the Northern Neck of VA. What they said in that article is that it's when you kick up the bottom of the lake, river, or creek that you could have the problem because that's where this amoeba is suppose to be at. So, when this shit is kicked up and it goes into your nose...that's when you have a problem. I reckon if it was just the water in of itself that there would be more cases than they are.

New Swimming Rules

Disclaimer:These rules aren't serious. They come from here, which I think is a satire site.

New Swimming rules from the Poke time well wasted

Swimming and Feeling Seaweed

swimming and feel seaweed

I look like this too when I feel a very muddy, slimey bottom too.

If you haven't tried "Wild Swimming"....

Even city-slicking Londoners can’t resist the call of the wild.

On a recent sunless, windswept Wednesday, pre-work swimmers were submerging themselves in the cold waters of a newly-opened pond near London’s Kings Cross station—all whilst surrounded by the construction of a huge city-center regeneration project.

The pond itself goes beyond the conventional swimming pool, with sections for swimming, filtration, and plants. It may sound a bit strange to be swimming among plants, but it’s tamer than the swims in lakes, rivers and seas that British people are—in ever greater numbers—seeking out.

LOL....all these new terms like "Wild Swimming" and "Cold water swimmers" are ridicilous. What happen to just using the terms "swimmer" and "swimming"?

Also, I had to laugh at some of these parts:
"You feel fantastic, you kind of get this addiction and rush, because you’re body’s getting all these endorphins,"
That's the general feeling that swimming produces, regardless where you do it at. Trust me, I'm an avid swimmer.

"Hudson, who comes from the Lake District and has been swimming outdoors since long before he “knew it was a thing,”
*Rolls eyes* Swimming outdoors has been around since ancient times. It's nothing new.

Natural swimming pools

Has anyone ever swim in or/and owned a natural swimming pool before? If you don't know what a natural swimming pool is, go here (I came across this site while I was looking up info about pools on Wikipedia).

I never went swimming in one before, but I'm intrigued now and it seems cheaper to get one than it would be for me to get a year membership at the bath house in Borås (though I love going there).

For those that have gone swimming in a natural swimming pool before, or have one, do you like it?